Ai V7

The worlds most powerful and flexible media server just grew wings!  The release of Ai V7 brings the power that was under the hood out into the driving seat.

Ai is the application running within Avolites Media’s cross platform family of products.
Ai Media Servers distill 25 years of engineering design expertise with world-class show production skills.
Winner of both the PLASA “Innovation Award” and Live Design “Projection Product of the Year Award”, the Avolites Media Ai Server uses this combined experience to produce a unique “Production based Workflow” offering the exact tools and features at the time they are needed for faster delivery of even the most complex shows.

Award winning features, such as, real time 3D project visualisation, an easily re-configurable Node Based Engine and AiM, the industry leading
Codec make the Ai server a clear choice for any video, projection or LED mapping project. Ai servers also incorporate elegant multi-timelines, extended industry standard DMX/Artnet control as well as live video playback “Busking”.

Here are the headline features:

Ai V7 Roller Cue

New – Roller Cue Clip Triggering System

Classic Avolites Roller Cue principle applied to Media Triggering. Use the keyboard and mouse, Midi triggers, Timecode or Artnet to trigger remotely. Per Clip Freeframe GL FX. Right click to easily view and edit Clip Properties. Option to view as compact Hexagon Sphere. Copy and Paste Clips. Open Media as node based patch. seamless integration with timeline page for shows with live and pre-programmed segments.

New – Canvas Editor Page

Further Integrating your project workflow into Ai. Edit a models UV map in real time and Apply standard UV maps including P.O.V projection. Also allows users to Save content creation template images and export uv maps.

Features include translate, rotate, scale, multi select, flip horizontal and vertical, invert selection.  Also includes selection by vertex, edge, polygon, face and object.

AI V7 Canvas Editor

AI V7 Layer Render Engine

New – Layer Rendering Engine

Cross Fade on a single layer for quick and easy live triggering. Modular approach to layers – add as many as you need* Per Layer Blend Modes such as Additive, Multiply and many more. Intuitive Live control with easy access to common functionality.

* within the capabilities of the hardware

New – Auto Map – Automated Projector calibration

Improved Projector Fixture including Aspect ratio, Lens Ratio & Lens Shift. Auto Map Feature which automatically positions Projector in virtual scene. Improved Modeling Tools – split / merge models, flip zy axis. and Easy access to standard screen shapes. optional camera based auto alignment & blending.

AI V7 Projection Mapping

AI V7 Project Browser

New – Project Browser Page

Swipe the centre of the screen to browse through your Projects. Select Template Projects from the top of the Project Browser. Load Recent Projects from the bottom of the Project Browser.

New – Media Bank Browser

Media Banks can be easily edited and named. Media Banks can be easily dragged from disk into Projects. Media Banks are also stored with the project file.

Ai V7 Media Bank Browser

Avolites Sapphire Touch Lighting Desk

New – Artnet Personality for complete lighting desk control

New 40 Channel artnet personality which matches Catalyst 40 channel Mode. Extended 80 Channel mode extends upon the standard 40 channels. Advanced 100 Channel mode for custom parameters. Right click any parameter in the system and Edit Artnet Map.

New – Cross Platform

Ai V7 is now available for OSX and Windows platforms. Ai Project files work on both platforms. Ai USB Licence Keys work on both platforms. Encode or Decode the AiM Codec on both platforms. Video Capture support on both platforms.

cross platform


New – Tool Tips

Ai Intuition is the new tool tips window in Ai. Hover your mouse over any feature to get a quick description of functionality. includes Multi Language support.

New – Scene Triggers

Use a Scene trigger, a new type of Media & Parameter Preset – Includes all Layer & Fixture Group Properties & Layer Media.

AI V7 Scene Triggers

Photo – Moment Factory 2013


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